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Carnix promises you with only high quality products made in Korea.
Trust and Confidence is our principle of service for you.

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Total : 8,504   |   Passenger Type : 7,876   |   Commercial Type : 579

AIR FILTER Total : 223 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 155
- Commercial Type : 68
CARNIX Air Filter prevents dust and other particles from entering the air-intake of an internal-combustion engine. It cleans the internal-combustion engine to operate efficiently.
Choose CARNIX to protect from harmful particles to your engine.
ALTERNATOR Total : 365 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 300
- Commercial Type : 65
CARNIX Alternator supplies stable electricity to all the electrical devices. It will help to run the ignition and the engine control system efficiently.
Choose CARNIX, it's the right thing for your engine.

※ Condition by brand : CARNIX - New | CARNIX(RE) - Rebuilt
CONTROL ARM Total : 484 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 484
- Commercial Type : 0
As part of the suspension system, a control arm is a bar that has a pivot at both ends. Connecting the spindle, hub or knuckle and wheel to the vehicle’s chassis, the control arm is a critical part of any vehicle’s steering and suspension system. A control arm, also known as A-Arm, supports each wheel to help the driving much smoother.
CARNIX control arm guarantees the best performance with durability and reliability.
BRAKE SHOE & LINING Total : 139 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 1
- Commercial Type : 138
CARNIX Brake Shoe & Lining are composed of tough and heat-resistant materials with a high coefficient of dynamic friction. Our Brake Shoe & Lining are durable and non-asbestos products. They feature great braking power with minimal noise, suitable for all types of driving conditions.
Choose CARNIX, it is the best in its class of brakes.
BRAKE PAD Total : 788 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 748
- Commercial Type : 40
CARNIX Brake Pad features exact braking, stable braking, low-noise braking with environment-friendly materials. Its insulation enables outstanding braking performance even in poor weather conditions.
Choose CARNIX for a safe and comfortable driving experience.

※ Condition by brand : CARNIX - General parts | CARNIX(E) - Parts acquired E-Mark Certificates
BUMPER Total : 459 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 365
- Commercial Type : 94
CARNIX Bumper is designed not only to absorb impacts during a crash, but also to enhance aerodynamics of your vehicle. It also provides protection for the essential components of a vehicle.
Choose CARNIX Bumper, it is the best choice for you.

※ Type by brand : CARNIX - Rail, Beam, Braket, etc. | CARNIX(A) - Assy (Cover+Beam, Cover+Rail) | CARNIX(C) - Cover (bumper)
CABIN FILTER Total : 224 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 223
- Commercial Type : 1
CARNIX Cabin Filter blocks pollen and other unwanted particles effectively to clean air in the vehicle cabin. An additional activated carbon layer prevents unpleasant and harmful gases entering the cabin.
Choose CARNIX Cabin Filter, it is the best choice for you.
COMPRESSOR Total : 196 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 191
- Commercial Type : 5
A compressor, the core component of air-conditioning system, converts power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. CARNIX Compressor is manufactured and tested to the strictest OE standards.
Choose CARNIX Compressor, it’s the best choice for A/C system of your car.
CV-JOINT Total : 454 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 454
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX CV Joint is designed and tested to meet the highest tolerance level of torsion and fatigue strength. It ensures longer durability because of high quality components and rigorous engineering.
Choose CARNIX CV Joint, it is the best choice for your car.

※ Condition by brand : CARNIX - New | CARNIX(RE) - Rebuilt
FAN Total : 521 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 521
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX Fan is designed to be noiseless and energy saving. It enhances the engine's efficiency by maintaining its operating temperature.
Choose CARNIX Fan, it is the best choice for the efficient engine.
FUEL FILTER Total : 194 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 162
- Commercial Type : 32
CARNIX Fuel Filter prevents any contaminants from entering the fuel and fuel-injection system. It protects the engine from damages that can be occurred by impurities or excess water contained in the fuel.
Choose CARNIX to protect from harmful particles to your engine.
GASKET Total : 1207 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 1207
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX's non asbestos yet eco-friendly Gasket efficiently prevents any possible gas leak or fluid leak.
Choose CARNIX. It is the right choice for your vehicles.

※ Material by brand : CARNIX - Non asbestos | CARNIX(G) - Graphite | CARNIX(M) - Metal
HEATER CORE Total : 34 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 34
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX Heater core works as a radiator-like device, allowing an antifreeze to flow through the thermostat to control the heating system of a vehicle. CARNIX Heater core is designed for maximum heat rejection.
Choose CARNIX, it's the right thing for your vehicle.
OIL FILTER Total : 210 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 158
- Commercial Type : 52
An oil filter filters particles and contaminants getting into the engine. CARNIX Oil Filter effectively filters to stimulates the circulation of a clean engine oil.
Choose CARNIX to protect your engine with safe.
SHOCK ABSORBER Total : 2052 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 2030
- Commercial Type : 22
CARNIX Shock Absorber, designed with high-quality materials and innovative technology, provides performance, safety, reliability with minimal wear and tear.
Choose CARNIX, it's the best choice to enhance safety and driving comfort.
SPARK PLUG CABLE Total : 199 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 199
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX Spark Plug Cable helps to ignite the plugs efficiently. It keeps the engine in the best condition.
Choose CARNIX. It is the best for your engine.
STARTER Total : 211 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 149
- Commercial Type : 62
CARNIX Starter will initiate the engine efficiently under its own power. It provides the engine enough high speed so that the engine can run and become self-sustaining.
Choose CARNIX, it's the right thing for your engine.

※ Condition by brand : CARNIX - New | CARNIX(RE) - Rebuilt
STEERING GEAR Total : 97 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 97
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX Steering Gear helps a driver to steer the vehicle efficiently by augmenting steering effort of the steering wheel. It provides quality and durability at a competitive price.
CARNIX Steering Gear is the best choice for you.

※ Condition by brand : CARNIX - New | CARNIX(RE) - Rebuilt
WATER PUMP Total : 398 Product(s)
- Passenger Type : 398
- Commercial Type : 0
CARNIX Water Pump enables your engine to maintain an appropriate temperature by circulating the coolant efficiently. It is composed of a centrifugal pump and designed to provide high durability.
Choose CARNIX, it's the right thing for your engine.
CARNIX Brand Type

Usually CARNIX means new products, as compared with CARNIX(RE) which means rebuilt products.
In addition, there are the following brands and meanings of these items.

  • Type by brand of Bumper : CARNIX - Rail, Beam, Braket, etc.   /   CARNIX(A) - Assy (Cover+Beam, Cover+Rail)   /   CARNIX(C) - Cover (bumper)
  • Condition by brand of Brake Pad : CARNIX - General parts   /   CARNIX(E) - Parts acquired E-Mark Certificates
  • Material by brand of Gasket : CARNIX - Non asbestos   /   CARNIX(G) - Graphite   /   CARNIX(M) - Metal
CARNIX Item Category - Korean Auto Parts
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