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This part is being developed now.  

CARNIX photo - This part is being developed now.
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CARNIX Brand Type

Usually CARNIX means new products, as compared with CARNIX(RE) which means rebuilt products.
In addition, there are the following brands and meanings of these items.

  • Type by brand of Bumper : CARNIX - Rail, Beam, Braket, etc.   /   CARNIX(A) - Assy (Cover+Beam, Cover+Rail)   /   CARNIX(C) - Cover (bumper)
  • Condition by brand of Brake Pad : CARNIX - General parts   /   CARNIX(E) - Parts acquired E-Mark Certificates
  • Material by brand of Gasket : CARNIX - Non asbestos   /   CARNIX(G) - Graphite   /   CARNIX(M) - Metal
CARNIX Item Category - Korean Auto Parts
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